Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask

Aside from infamous Eight Hour Cream, I haven't heard a lot about Elizabeth Arden skincare. TJMaxx always seems to have this mask in stock, so on a particularly bad skin week, I decided to give it a try. 

I find that most hydrating masks are formulated to be like very rich moisturizers. This mask is different in that it has absorbent properties that make it similar to a clay mask. Using heavy cream masks all time can alleviate dryness but also contribute to congested skin. With this mask, I feel like I get the best of both worlds. When you first put it on, it's extremely soothing. It will begin to set, like clay mask, but it never reaches the point where it's drying; it's just enough to be detoxifying. When you take it off, your skin feels hydrated, smooth, and clean. 

In general, I think this is a great mask; however, I wouldn't necessarily seek it out to treat dryness. Even though it's a "hydrating" mask and does contain ingredients like Shea butter, it doesn't provide enough moisture to target dry patches. I use this as more of a pick-me-up if my skin is looking a dull or if I feel like pampering myself. This isn't going to replace your super detoxifying clay masks or your rich hydrating treatments, but it's a great middle of the road product for when your skin just needs a little something. I love it for my normal-to-dry skin, but I think it would even be great for dehydrated/oily skin, since it doesn't leave a lot of buildup.

One of the best things about this mask is you can get it relatively cheaply. Like I said, I found mine at TJMaxx for around $7, but you can find similar pricing on and other online retailers. Overall, I would recommend this to just about anyone.

And props to Elizabeth Arden for listing their ingredients on the packaging...

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