Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Orange Flower and Lychee Gift Set

I've tried quite a few Kiehl's products, but this is my first time delving into their fragrances. I don't typically go for fragrance sets, but with Kiehl's, you can count on getting quality body products, so I thought it was a good option. 

This scent is a really soft fruity floral. Along with orange flower and lychee, it has notes of honey and Moroccan rose. If you aren't familiar with Lychee fruits, the best description I've heard of the taste/smell is a cross between a grape and a pear. They have a very subtle sweetness. Unlike Fresh's Sugar Lychee, which has citrus notes making it very bright, this lays really close to the skin and is very subdued. It's very natural smelling, not traditionally perfume-y. The smell actually reminds me of the syrup from canned fruit cocktail, but in a really great sophisticated way.

As I suspected, the body products were a great addition to the set. The lotion and shower gel were both deemed "skin-softening", and I feel like they lived up to that claim. The lotion absorbed quickly but was extremely hydrating. It contains vitamin E and squalane, which is a natural moisturizer produced by skin cells that is known for being light weight. I hate the feeling of lotion on my skin, so this was perfect for me. The shower gel was really luxurious and never made my skin feel dehydrated. It also contains vitamin E and blend of botanical oils. Along with being genuinely great products, the fragrance translates really well to both. 

Kiehl's doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to variety in their fragrances, but I do think this a very universal scent. I think it'd be particularly good for someone looking for a fragrance for work or to give as a gift, because it is beautiful and unique, but completely inoffensive. Even though it is on the fruity side, it doesn't jump out to me as being a strictly spring/summer fragrance. I think this is a great year-round daytime scent.

This set retails for $70 at I got a great deal on it at; however, it appears to currently be out of stock. The lotion is available for individual sale for $26 and the shower gel for $24. You can also purchase the perfume separately for $40 for 1 oz and $75 for 3.4 oz. 


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