Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dr. Jart Pore Penetrator Review (+Tweezerman extractor)

So, I thought I'd start this off with a product that I haven't heard a lot about- the Dr. Jart+ Pore Penetrator. This product claims to treat and prevent blackheads and dissolve impurities while controlling oil and tightening pores, and it's supposed to be safe for dry and sensitive skin. My skin type is normal to dry, and I bought this product to control the blackheads on my nose.

When you pump out the product it comes out a peachy colored gel; I use about two pumps (2-3 is suggested, but it really depends on the area you're covering). After applying the treatment I wait around 15 minutes, a little longer than suggested, and then remove it by massaging little circles all around the treated area. It's kind of gross, but getting in there with your nails works best. You'll find as you massage the product away, that it has slightly crystallized where it touches the skin (this is barely noticeable). This isn't a clay-based product, so you wont actually feel or see it hardening; you just need to make sure you allow enough time for it to do its thing. Essentially, this penetrates your pores and then takes the dirt and debris with it as you massage the product out. It's important not to add water until you have massaged and loosened all of the debris and are ready to rinse away the product. I've found that this reduces the appearance of my blackheads by around 75%, working best around the contours of my nose. In some instances, I feel like it pulls out cellular debris to where it's more superficial, not all the way out, creating a more prominent looking blackhead. For this, I like to go in with a blackhead extractor just afterwards to clean up a little bit. I find that with little pressure, those last stubborn guys come right out. If you do this step, I would encourage you to use some restraint with the extractor. I think we've all gotten a little too close to the mirror and gone crazy.

As far as measuring up to its claims, I think it's effective in reducing blackheads and removing impurities, even though not using the extractor at all would be ideal. I definitely see it as a treatment for blackheads and clogged pores more than anything. For blackhead prevention, I would recommend using more clarifying products for daily use to control bacteria and keep this for occasional removal. As far as pore reduction goes- my pores are a little tighter after use; however, I think clogged pores are just generally larger and more noticeable. I can't say much for oil-control, since I have dry skin, but I don't really feel it working after it is rinsed away. I think this is definitely a great product for dry and sensitive skin. It doesn't feel harsh at all (soothing even), and the exfoliation it provides is very mild. Overall, I think this a very unique product and would recommend it, especially for people looking for something non-irratating for blackhead removal.

This treatment retails for $24 and can be found at Sephora. I purchased both of these products in the Birchbox shop.


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