Friday, June 28, 2013

Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner vs. L'oreal Voluminous Eyeliner

After continuously repurchasing overpriced department store liners, I recently set out to find a drugstore alternative. The two I picked up were Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner and L'oreal Voluminous Eyeliner.

As you can see the below, the Maybelline Master Duo liner has a unique foam tip applicator. The flattened ball on the end allows you to vary the width of your liner by rotating. The L'oreal Voluminous liner, on the other hand, is a marker liner, with a more geometric tip that allows for the same line variation. Honestly, I wasn't pulled in by the applicators. I think they're kind of gimmicky. They might be selling points for liquid liner beginners, but I don't think most people have difficulties varying their line thickness. I was mostly interested in their formulas.

The Maybelline Master Duo has a really black formula which is great; however, it's a little bit too glossy for me. I think liquid liners that reflect a lot of light can make your eye appear droopy at certain angles by causing a break in your lash line. Day-to-day, it's tolerable, but I wouldn't recommend it for flash photography. I will say though- the formula has amazing staying power. I have an oily eyelid (yes, just one), and it never smudges or transfers. I've heard some people say it's difficult to remove, and I understand what they're getting at... When you go to remove it, it peels off rather than dissolves away. In the shower, I typically just run my fingernail over the edge of it to get it going, then it comes off rather easily. If you aren't comfortable with that, I'd say choose a washcloth over a cotton ball or your fingertips to provide enough friction to peel it up.  

The L'oreal Voluminous liner was a big fail for me. I found the marker to be extremely dry even after extensive shaking. You can see in the picture below (right side), I even had difficulties swatching it. Mine might have been a dud; but beyond that, the formula was very watery. Since it was such a thin consistency, it would go on sheer and appear more grey.

Left: Maybelline (thick, thin) Right: L'oreal (thick, thin)

Overall, if you don't mind a glossy formula or the removal, the Maybelline Master Duo Liner would be a good buy. I wouldn't recommend the L'oreal Voluminous to anyone- bad formula, bad application. 

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